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Terms & Conditions


  • 'You', 'client' or 'clients' refers to the person and/or business work is being carried out for

  • 'We', 'Wellymedia', 'us' and 'our' all refer to Wellymedia Web Design

  • A live website means any website whose design has been completed to the clients specification and has been uploaded and is viewable on the internet at the clients website address

  • A completed website is a website that has been designed and finished in line with the clients specification and as laid out in the clients quote document but which is not yet live on the internet

    Wellymedia will carry out all work laid out in your quote once an order agreement has been made. An order is deemed to be a written or verbal contract, made by telephone, email or verbally between Wellymedia and the client.

    Our quote document also outlines the project process and all of the services we include and forms the basis of our service offer. You can choose to accept our offer either verbally or in writing by instructing us to start the design process. Your intent to enter into a contract with us is further signified by payment of your deposit which means you have accepted our offer and wish to enter into a contract with us to carry out the agreed work.

    After you accept our offer and enter into a contract with us, Wellymedia will deliver all the services as laid out in your quote document in a timely and professional manner. We will strive to meet any projected delivery schedules and will keep you informed throughout the design and production process. Our aim is for you to be happy with the end result and we will work with you to ensure this is the case throughout the project.

    Wellymedia will not be held liable for any costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to work carried out for or on behalf of the client, or due to any delays in the completion of a website where Wellymedia have been delayed through no fault of their own, for example; when a client has delayed providing us with website content, making key decisions, providing feedback or has requested excessive changes to previously approved designs, layout and content.

    30% payment is normally required upon acceptance of an order.  The remaining balance is to be paid upon completion of the website or in accordance to your payment schedule as laid out above.

    Your deposit is non-refundable. Should you choose not to proceed with the website build either during or after the website mockups have been created, the 30% deposit will be retained to cover the cost of creating the visuals, hosting set up costs, domain name purchase and administration. Once you have approved a visual and your website is in production you are liable to pay for the full remaining cost of the website.

    Once approved by you and as soon as the full remaining payment has been received/cleared; your website will be put live on the internet, provided you have given us the relevant information to allow us to do this (see points 8 & 9 below).

    Wellymedia will pass the copyright of a website designed by us over to the client once full payment has been received. Where payments are still outstanding, Wellymedia reserves the right to retain full copyright of the website design until such a time when full payment is forthcoming. Whilst Wellymedia retains copyright of a website that has not yet been paid for, we do not allow our design(s) to be copied or used in any way by the client or any third parties.

    Where a domain name has already been purchased by an individual or agent other than Wellymedia and in cases where a clients new website is to be hosted on a different server, it is crucial that either a) we are given full access to your domain name control panel so that we can point your domain name at the appropriate new server where your finished website will be uploaded to or b) you are in a position to login to your control panel yourself and make the appropriate domain name server changes that will be required. If your website is unable to be put live because of a failure to provide this information to us, Wellymedia will not be held liable and in such cases are deemed to have carried out our contractual agreement with you.

    When a client already has a website host and wishes to have a new website designed, but to remain with their existing host, Wellymedia will need to be provided with full FTP access to the server, to allow us to upload the new website once completed. Failure to provide us with FTP access in this case will mean we are unable to put your website live but will be deemed to have carried out our contractual agreement with you.

    All quotes are an estimate of costs based on project requirement information provided to Wellymedia.  Where any additional work is required over and above that laid out within the initial quote and subsequent specification document; an additional fee may become payable.  Before any additional work is carried out however, Wellymedia will make it clear to their client(s) what extra work is required and how much it will cost. No additionally costed work will be carried out without the client's knowledge and consent.

    Delivery is typically within 3 weeks for static websites and 8-14 weeks for dynamic sites, but Wellymedia can not guarantee time-scales where clients are slow to provide crucial content and/or feedback as this slows down production.  We ask that all information we need to complete a project is provided in a timely manner – any static website project still not completed after 2 months of the start date and any dynamic website project still not completed after 4 months of the start date, due to clients not providing feedback and/or content will be billed at the full final rate. The site will then be completed as and when the client provides the outstanding content and/or feedback.

    Wellymedia reserves the right to include a small ‘designed by’ link to their website from the bottom of each page on your own website and/or within the hidden META tags of your website.

    FTP access to your website is not included unless this is an expressed requirement that is agreed upon during the quotation stage.

    Wellymedia can not guarantee any search engine will choose to list your website, or how it will be ranked and can not be held liable if a search engine chooses not to list your website or if your website is not ranked well, however, Wellymedia do everything possible to ensure all the sites we complete are search engine friendly and adhere to the latest search engine best practice guidelines wherever possible.

    Where website hosting is provided, Wellymedia use a third party web host and as such can not be held liable for any website down time, restricted access or loss of earnings resulting from server maintenance, hacking or similar unforeseen circumstances.  We only use trusted 3rd party host and occurrences such as this are extremely rare.

    As a small company Wellymedia ask that all invoices be paid by return and request that clients honour our 14 day / 10 working days payment policy. Any invoices still unpaid after 30 days will result in any changes to your site being erased and a back-up copy of your old website will be reinstated until such a time when payment is received. In the case of new website's, if live, your website will be taken down and replaced by a holding page until final payment is received.

    The cost of updates to your website is based on an assumption that the frequency and time taken to action updates will not exceed the time specified.  Where updates exceed this frequency and require a higher time commitment to complete, then we reserve the right to increase this charge after notifying you of our intent.

    This package is for a 4 page website (additional pages can be added at a cost of £35 per page) using a template design and costs £250. The website includes a domain name; if you would like a .com domain registering instead then this will be subject to an additional fee (typically around £20). You will need to provide us with your logo, preferred colour scheme, link/page names as well as all text content and contact information. Position and design of page elements is fixed, for more design and visual freedom, you will need to choose one of our standard website packages, starting at £499 (more information here....). Offer valid for websites completed before 31st March 2009. Full payment should be recieved before the website is put live and we require a deposit of £50 before we start work.

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